Track Record Pacific Island Projects has been supporting natural resource management initiatives since 2005. We're proud of our track record to-date, and pleased that one project nearly always leads to another.
Dec 1 2012

Focus Area

Project-006-1-350Community driven development (CDD); forests, climate change and REDD (FCCREDD);


Conservation International (USA) and German Development Bank (KfW)


Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program / James Cook University


January 2010 to December 2012


Project-006-2-350Morobe Province (Huon Peninsular)


The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Programme aims to create the YUS Conservation Area within the remote Huon Peninsular of Morobe Province. James Cook University is currently leading the following components of this multi-year programme:

  • Socio-economic and environmental research and monitoring;
  • Carbon sequestration research and monitoring;
  • Landscape management and community development planning;
  • Community reforestation and fuelwood trials.


Pacific Island Projects is contracted to ensure target landowners participate effectively in the project’s socio-economic research and community development planning activities.

This work involves:

  • Adaptation, field testing and application of the PEN survey questionnaires developed by the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) to collect a set of high quality baseline data that describes the overall context of the Conservation Area.
  • A series of participatory appraisals and decision-making workshops that utilise the project’s baseline data and research findings.
  •  A step-by-step process that leads towards a steadily growing aincreasingly reliable body of information, resulting in the production of thirteen Village Plans (one per Ward) for consolidation into the YUS Conservation Area’s Management and Development Plan. The project will also deliver a practical monitoring kit in both “full” and “compact” versions.