The Right Team We pool our resources with a small but diverse network of individuals who help us build the right team for each and every project.

Our Partners

Our partners share our commitment to helping others score their own development goals. We usually propose a multi-disciplinary approach, and pool resources with a small but diverse network of individuals who help us build the right team for each and every project.

Martin Maden

Film Maker and Writer, New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

Martin_MadenMartin is a freelance filmmaker and screenplay writer. He has worked as a director of photography, cameraman and sound engineer on numerous film productions, both locally and internationally. He is author and director of several successful films and has run film training workshops since 1986 in the Pacific, Europe and Brazil. Martin was Executive Director of the Environmental Law Centre, a Papua New Guinean Non Government Organisation, from 2001 to 2004. During that time, working to support rural communities affected by industrial exploitation, he started to create and design what he calls "Forum Process Filmmaking" - a method of filmmaking suited to remote communities in Papua New Guinea that supports rural livelihoods by utilising "cinematic democracy" within a participatory and public responsibility forum. He has successfully applied some elements of this genre in his new film "Crater Mountain Story".

Henry Tavul

Director, Herbertshohe Bisnis Services, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

Henry-Tavul-200Henry has qualifications in Business Administration, Business Development, Business Training and Business Accounting. He has an extensive track-record developing the micro-small enterprise sector from local up to national levels. Henry is currently assisting the PNG Small Business Development Corporation to develop the entrepreneurial capacity of school children through the Know About Business Programme with financial support from AusAID. He's also helping the Kokopo District Government manage a successful and independent Micro Finance Scheme for previously "unbankable" entrepreneurs.

Adia Bey

Independent Consultant, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


Adia specialises in community-based natural resource monitoring and the use of geographic information systems to support environmental management and humanitarian relief work.  After completing a BA in Anthropology at Columbia University and a MSc in Environmental Change and Management at Oxford University, Adia led projects in Africa and Central America using Helveta Ltd technology to help indigenous communities map natural resources, land tenure and cultural assets.  Adia's recent projects include measuring forest carbon in the UK, mapping cultural heritage sites in Uganda and Guatemala, forest monitoring in Cameroon, surveying land tenure in Liberia, quantifying deforestation in Nigeria, and creating maps to support a United Nations disaster assessment team in Nicaragua.

Shona Smith and Daniel Tiotam

Visual Artists, North Queensland, Australia and East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

Shona-and-Daniel-2-150Shona is a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor of Visual Art. She is based in Cairns and works with clients from small business owners to corporate organisations.

Daniel studied at PNG's School of National Arts and specialises in creating cartoons, sketches and illustrations for training and awareness publications.

Together, Shona and Daniel can deliver just the right concept, artwork and layout for communicating important information in a way that looks attractive and is also easy for people to use and understand. Shona can also coordinate printing and conversion to electronic media.

Braden Jenkins

Managing Director, Sylva Systems Pty. Ltd, Victoria, Australia

Braden-Jenkins-200Braden is a Forester with post graduate qualifications in Business Management. He builds physical and financial models of forestry businesses for a wide range of uses. These models form the basis of a business planning process and provide very useful tools for outside parties considering an investment in forestry projects, as well as to guide internal parties of their place within a project. Due to the growing interest in climate change, Braden has integrated carbon related issues into many models. He has also developed specific business models of trees grown specifically as carbon sinks. Braden is keen to combine his expertise with local know-how.

Kulala Mulung

Senior Lecturer, PNG University of Technology, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

Kulala-Mulung-200Kulala holds a BSc degree in Forestry, MSc degree in Forest Industries Technology and PhD in Social Forestry. Kulala has held senior positions in the government and non-government sectors, as well as bilateral research and development projects. He is currently a senior lecturer at the PNG University of Technology, where he led the establishment of a Forestry Training Facility that delivers an up to date curriculum spanning the social, environmental and production aspects of forestry. Kulala's current research interest includes understanding farmer land-use decision-making processes, as well as translating, developing and communicating research findings and concepts in a way that can be internalized and adopted by the landowners.

Neville Howcroft

Acting Head of Forestry Department, University of Natural Resources & the Environment, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

Neville-Howcroft-200Neville is a Forester with a M.Ph. in Plant Taxonomy, and a background in applied forest research and management. He has substantial PNG experience, focusing on the conservation, development and utilisation of forest genetic resources. He specialises in high-value plantations, plant propagation, small-holder agroforestry systems, regeneration of disturbed sites, tree improvement programmes, training and extension. He led the establishment of the PNG National Tree Seed Centre, and has written over one hundred publications including training manuals for balsa growers and tree breeders.

Simon Passingan and Rachael Atam

Directors, Barefoot Community Services, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea


Simon and daughter Rachel assist community groups to be active players in development projects. They believe the development process should involve the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects of an individual, the community and the country. Simon has qualifications in Training, Education and Community Development and is currently concluding postgraduate studies in Not-for-Profit Management. He has co-authored training materials for community development trainers and community based organisations. Rachel has a Diploma in Tropical Agriculture. Together, Simon and Rachel specialize in the fields of community organization & planning, conflict resolution, counselling, gender & development, governance, participatory rural appraisal, and social impact assessment.