Painim Graun The Landowner Awareness Kit assists the PNG Forest Authority to identify landowners and landowner group who are ready to plant trees on their land.      

John_MosoroWelcome to Operation Painim Graun na Planim Diwai! Our goal is to plant 800,000 hectares of trees for commercial, domestic and conservation purposes by the year 2050. All 21 provinces in PNG are expected to contribute 1,100 hectares of trees every year until 2050. This means a total of 23,100 hectares of trees planted each and every year. The PNG Forest Authority cannot do this alone. We need the support of all forestry stakeholders including landowners, government agencies, civil society groups and the timber industry. In addition to expanding our commercial plantations on state land, we're promoting multiple land-use arrangements that sustain the short-term needs of customary landowners whilst waiting for their trees to mature.

The Landowner Awareness Kit assists the PNG Forest Authority to identify landowners and landowner groups who are ready to plant trees on their land. The landowner awareness concept comprises two awareness raising steps (A and C) and two data-collection steps (B and D):

These resources are freely available for viewing and downloading from this website. They're also available from the Landowner Awareness Google Drive folders which currently contain 126 files in 38 folders (1,500mb).  You're welcome to:

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We look forward to collaborating with you!

Tunou Sabuin, Managing Director, PNG Forest Authority, Port Moresby



We sincerely thank the forestry stakeholders who participated in the regional program plannng workshops during 2015 and 2016 for helping to create the Landowner Awareness Kit.