Promote Trees The School Resource Pack aims to promote the benefits of trees and forests to the next generation of Papua New Guineans. 

Welcome to the School Teachers Pack

The School Teachers Pack aims to promote the benefits of trees and forests to the next generation of Papua New Guineans. We're compiling a set of teaching aids that are arranged according to PNG's outcome based school curriculum, and delivered through PNG's provincial education authorities. We're also linking-up with similar environmental education programs at local, national and international levels. The School Teachers Pack contains a set of multi-media teaching resources for children in the following grades:

These resources are freely available for viewing and downloading from this website. They're also available from the School Teachers Google Drive folder which currently contain 1,345 files in 389 folders (1.7gb).   You're welcome to:

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We sincerely thank the following partner organisations for their generous contributions to the School Teachers Pack:

The International Tropical Timber Organisation and PNG Forest Authority for supporting the content development through Project PD 552/09 Rev 1 (F): Encouraging customary landowners in the lowlands of PNG's Central Province to reforest their grasslands with high value trees.


The PNG Forest Authority for providing a set of landowner awareness posters through Operation Painim Graun na Plani Diwai.



The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, PNG Forest Authority, Organisaton for Industrial, Spiritual & Cultural Development, and University of the Sunshine Coast for supporting the concept and resource development through Project FST-2007-078: Developing a PNG timber industry based on planted forests: design and implementation of a national germplasm delivery system.