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Nov 1 2012

Focus Area

Project-001-1-350Forests, climate change and REDD (FCCREDD); community driven development (CDD)


International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) / Community Forest Management and Enterprises (CFME) Thematic Programme


PNG Forest Authority


March 2012 to November 2012


Project-001-2-350West Sepik, Eastern Highlands, West New Britain and Milne Bay provinces.


This 9-month pre-project aims to develop a model community-based land ownership mapping and forest resource assessment system that supports CFM and REDD schemes within four pilot provinces of PNG. Pre-project activities lead to the formulation of a Full-Project Proposal for submission to ITTO. During the pre-project phase:

  • Eight demonstration sites will be selected with customary landowners and local CFM / REDD partners in place;
  • A local forest resource assessment and land ownership mapping system will be designed for customary landowners and CFEs;
  • An interactive online platform will be designed for managing forest and land tenure data and facilitating collaboration between the PNG Forest Authority, forest communities, NGOs and investors.


Pacific Island Projects is contracted to provide the following specialist services:

  • Project Design
  • Community Development
  • Community Technology

This work involves:

  • Selection of demonstration sites, identification of landowners and local partners, and formation of project agreements for the Full Project;
  • Collection of baseline data and selection of cost-effective implementation strategies for the Full Project;
  • Preparation of technical and functional specifications for equipment, materials and support services required for the community-based data collection system and the online CFM/REDD platform, which will be established during the Full Project.