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Papua New Guinean timbers include a huge spectrum of colour, grain density and strength combinations, although not all of them are suitable for reliable wood products.  Only some timbers are suitable for processes such as peeling, slicing or drying and some woods are not amenable to gluing or preservative treatment using available technologies. For these reasons, it is important that processors and manufacturers make considered decisions when selecting which species will be used for which products to avoid wasted resources (time, money, materials) and to ensure that their products are fit-for-purpose for the duration of their intended design life. There are currently 3 species selection resources available:

  • Matching timbers to products (spreadsheet and notes)

  • QTimber (web tool with guide for PNG users)

  • Timber Answers (web tool)


Matching timbers to products

The matching timbers to products spreadsheet presents the properties of timbers from PNG and Australia and their potential suitability for advanced, engineered products. The spreadsheet lists the majority of PNG commercial timbers for which key properties relevant to engineered wood products are known in the literature. This resource helps the wood processing sector to bring about: (i) economic impacts through reduced reliance on imported materials and components, and creation of new products, (ii) social impacts through improved knowledge, safer construction sites through selection of appropriate species per application, and awareness of health risks of some timbers, and (iii) environmental impacts through more efficient use of resources, and less waste through poor timber selection.

The MS Excel spreadsheet is an output of the ACIAR Project: Development of durable engineered wood products in PNG and Australia. Click on the links below to view and download the user notes and spreadsheet:



QTimber is a web tool that provides critical information about using the right timber for the job. The online database will help you to design, build, treat, import or sell your timber products. QTimber complies with timber construction regulations specified in Australian Standards but is a guide to using the right timber in PNG (Just select timber applications for Decay hazard zone D). It is a product of the Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

Click on the links below to view and download the guide for PNG users, and access QTimber online:


Timber Answers

Timber Answers is a web tool that provides information about wood properties for more than 1,000 timbers, including those commonly grown in plantations. Timber Answers is for builders, designers, engineers cabinetmakers, woodworkers, researchers, growers, processors, importers and retailers. You can also search on PNG timbers. Timber Answers has been developed by CRC Wood Innovations, the Queensland Government and University of Queensland using information generated through research and industry relationships for over 80 years.

Click on the link below to access Timber Answers online:


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