EWPs The Wood Processors Tool Kit supports the expansion of the wood processing industry in PNG. We're creating a one-stop source of information for the public and private sectors.    

IWBP_2_EWPTimber products that are engineered to provide improved strength, stability, aesthetic properties and resistance to degradation are known as Engineered Wood Products (EWPs). EWPs are manufactured by joining a number of timber elements together using connectors and/or adhesives to optimise the product for a specific application. EWP engineering allows for uniform and consistent properties, customised and flexible sizing and configurations specific to each application. EWPs have many advantages over traditional sawn products, including: (i) Increased value adding opportunities; (ii) Efficient resource utilisation; (iii) Ability to use low grade wood and small sizes; (iv) Greater selection of product dimensions; and (v) Improved performance consistency.The following EWP resources are currently available:

  • Introductory fact sheet giving an overview of EWP types and their applications
  • Introductory videos showing how new EWP designs are developed


Introductory fact sheet:

The EWP fact sheet provides an overview of engineered wood product types and their applications.  It is layed out for double-sided printing on a single A4 sheet. This publication is an output of the ACIAR Project: Development of durable engineered wood products in PNG and Australia.


Introductory videos:

These 2 short videos show how new, engineered wood product designs are developed at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries' Salisbury Research Facility in Brisbane. 



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