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Feb 1 2009

Focus Area

Project-002-1-350Forests, climate change and REDD (FCCREDD); community driven development (CDD).


International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) / Government of Japan


PNG Forest Authority


June 2008 to February 2009


Central Province (lowlands)


This 9-month pre-project aimed to improve rural livelihoods in Central Province through initiating a landowner-driven approach for establishing high-value plantations on under-utilised grasslands.

PIP’s project design, land use planning and community involvement specialists assisted their PNGFA counterparts to:

  • Collect baseline socio-economic and bio-physical data at two pilot areas;
  • Form ‘model’ landowner groups and select ‘model’ pilot sites:
  •  Undertake a series of participatory planning activities with landowner representatives, timber buyers, research & development agencies, provincial & district administrations and National Forest Service personnel.


Pre-Project activities led to the formation of 3 ‘model’ pilot-sites and 3 Incorporated Landowner Groups, together with a Full-Project Proposal for creating a ‘model’ reforestation framework that would encourage customary landowners in the Central Province lowlands to grow high value trees on their under-utilised grasslands.

The 3-year Project Proposal requested USD 644,814 from the International Tropical Timber organisation (ITTO). In August 2009, the proposal was reviewed by ITTO’s 38th Expert Panel, and awarded a category one ranking. In November 2009, the Full-Project Proposal was approved and financed at the 45th International Tropical Timber Council session in Japan. 

The  PNG Forest Authority is now executing the project in collaboration with their partners from the National Agricultural Research Institute and Small Business Development Corporation.